Our Global Datacenters Geographically distant

Copenhagen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munch, London

We do have many servers over Europe, normally all resellers will be hosted in germany, Regarding normal host it will be depends on client country we will choose the closest to you to make sure you have the fastest host.

Load Balancing

High Efficiency And Performance

Efficiency is the percentage of output to input. Like you gave a horse grass to run 100 km, but it ran 50km with that grass, than the horse is 50% efficient. In terms of human hardwork, efficiency has a formula, the one above, but can't be calculated exactly. It's how much output you gave as compared to the input you put and the resources you utilized. Performance on the other hand is a measure of the quality of output. If two horses are given grass to run 100km, but both run 50km. But first runs at double the speed of the second, then they were equally efficient, but the first performed better.


Maximum Physical Security

Data centers are the information factories that shape our modern experience. When we access online information ranging from reading our personal email and the news to engaging in commerce, using social media, and consuming entertainment, we are depending on data centers, which provide the computational backbone for the Internet. They create many of the movies we watch, design the cars we drive, and optimize the airplanes we fly. They are used to make scientific discoveries, to find oil, and to predict the spread of disease. Data centers are at the heart of the digital economy.


High Availability Redundant Systems

influence of one's position in a redundant system on subsequent performance during a routine error-checking task. Results indicated that redundant systems can work to enhance or obscure accountability, depending on the status of the redundant system. Further, accountability can increase performance in terms of both the quality of work (accuracy) and the quantity of work (time on task).

redundancy is the duplication of critical components or functions of a system with the intention of increasing reliability of the system, usually in the form of a backup or fail-safe, or to improve actual system


Security and confidentiality of your data: our priority

We have prioritize the Security of the servers and clients data. by protecting our servers to high levels

Toxic gas detection system

Our servers are Protected from Toxic Flammable Gas Detection Systems Gas exposure can be fatal.

Restricted access

We have restricted access to our servers to protect data lost and malfunction of the servers.

Anti-DDoS protection

Our servers are protected from DDoS. We take security of clinets seriously to avoid any attack.