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Sophisticated Email Security

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Highest Level of Security

Highest Level of Security

Email is popular with hackers as a tool for spreading malware, spam, and phishing attacks. They use deceptive messages to trick recipients into sharing sensitive information, resulting in identity theft. They lure people into opening attachments or clicking hyperlinks that install malware (such as email viruses) on the user’s device. Email is also a main entry point for attackers looking to access an enterprise network and breach valuable company data.

Email Security
Protected Emails

Protected Email Quarantine Inbox

Email security is the term for any procedure that protects email content and accounts against unauthorized access. Email service providers have email security measures in place to secure client accounts and information from hackers.

Such measures include email servers with strong password and access control mechanisms; encrypted email messages (both inboxed or in transit); web application firewalls; and spam filtering software.

Maximum Physical Security

Maximum Physical Security

The most important way to protect your SMB from email security is AWARENESS. Everyone in your organization (yes, even the CEO) must be aware of the do’s and don’ts of email security. People must be vigilant about where the email has come from, where the links are leading, and what personal data is being shared. As well, consider security software, including anti-spam and virus-checking software, to make sure employees aren’t exposed to spam email in the first place.


Why choose Email Security Solution?

Block Malware, Phishing & Zero Day Attacks Before They Harm Your Business Network. Achieve Advanced Email Security. You also gain in productivity and efficiency. Also, it represents an eco-friendly gesture since the stored emails are a source of digital pollution.

Clean Inbox

Cleaning your mailbox helps optimizing its performances and gain storage space.

Control Panel

Retrieve POP3/SMTP Addresses. To start, you’ll need to access your web server to find out.

MX Backup

Mail Backup Tool. Download Emails to Computer. Mail Backup Tool is an advance archiving solution.