Transferring a .UK Domain Name

Before proceeding with the Transfer of your .UK domain name, you are advised to confirm if your domain name can be transferred.

The process of transferring a .UK domain name from another Registrar is different as compared to the process for domain names under other extensions. In case of a .UK domain name, the inbound Transfer needs to be initiated at the Current Registrar's end.

Once you have determined whether your .UK domain name can be Transferred, you need to follow the steps below:

Once you've made your payment it should be safe to change the IPS Tag of your domain at your current registrar. It's very important however not to enter IPS Tag until you're sure you've completed the Transfer Process all of the below steps correctly:


  1. Log in to your Client Area: if you are already registered.

  2. Click on Domain Transfer You can register while checkout if not registered.
  3. Now, enter the domain name you wish to Transfer.

  4. Leave EPP Code / Auth Code Blank just by putting Space.
  5. Enter the Name and Address of the New Domain Owner / Current Domain Owner.

  6. Fill up Required Fiends for .UK Domains Registration.
  7. Select the Registrant Contact for this domain name. You may select from the available list of Contacts or Add a New Contact.

  8. NOTE
    • Unused Contacts (except Default Contacts) that were created more than six months ago are archived. Archived Contacts will not appear in the List of Contacts, would not be searchable and will not be available for selection during domain name transfer.

    • The Identity of the Registrant Contact of a .UK domain name must not be changed during the Transfer process. You may modify the Identity once the domain name has been transferred to hzmfr, by referring to the process listed at

  9. Next, select the check box to agree to the associated Product Agreement(s).

  10. Click the Confirm Order button. The domain name will then be transferred within your Client Area.

  11. Once your payment and Purchase are successful and you received an email for Transfer Notice from HZMFR

  12. Initiate the Transfer at the Current Registrar with whom you are managing your .UK domain name. You need to provide the IPS Tag of the Gaining (New) Registrar in order to initiate the Transfer. The Nominet Tag / IPS Tag for HZMFR is PDR-IN

Impartant:  Once you've made your payment it should be safe to change the IPS tag of your domain at your current registrar. It's very important however not to enter this until you're sure you've completed all of the above steps correctly:

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