Using Softaculous Installer

There are many software packages that can be installed in a few clicks with Softaculous, an installer located in your cPanel.  Not all software is available with all packages.  There are also additional tutorials in cPanel.

1. Find Softaculous in cPanel

2. Decide which script in Softaculous is right for you

3. Install a script using Softaculous

4. Import a script into Softaculous

5. Synchronize Softaculous with other Auto Installers

6. List all scripts that have been installed by Softaculous

7. Remove a script installed by Sofaculous

8. Upgrade a script installed by Sofaculous

9. Change Softaculous' settings and email settings

10. Install Serendipity from Softaculous

11. Install WordPress from Softaculous

12. Install WordPress MU from Softaculous

13. Install Nucleus from Softaculous

14. Install Dotclear from Softaculous

15. Install Textpattern from Softaculous

16. Install Joomla from Softaculous

17. Install Drupal from Softaculous

18. Install MODx from Softaculous

19. Install Dolphin from Softaculous

20. Install phpBB from Softaculous

21. Install MyBB from Softaculous

22. Install SMF from Softaculous

23. Install Gallery from Softaculous

24. Install Coppermine from Softaculous

25. Install TinyWebGallery from Softaculous

26. Install Piwigo from Softaculous

27. Install DokuWiki from Softaculous

28. Install MediaWiki from Softaculous

29. Install Zen Cart from Softaculous

30. Install Magento from Softaculous

31. Install osCommerce from Softaculous

32. Install Cube Cart from Softaculous

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