Why isn’t my new home page showing up?

When you open an account with us, we put up a temporary under-construction page for you and the name of the file is index.html. Servers recognize a variety of file names as home pages, and index.html is the most commonly recognized name. If you upload your own home page and name it index.htm and don’t delete our index.html Under Construction page, our servers will continue to recognize the index.html page as the home page. Just delete or overwrite our index.html file and your new home page will show up!

Following is the order of the “priority” of pages.  The first one of these that is found will become the “home” page.  For example, if you have a default.htm and an index.htm, the default is the page that will be seen as your home page.  You can still “call” the other pages when you have them as links, but they will not show up as the home page:

default.html, default.htm, index.phtml, index.pht, index.cgi, index.shtml, index.html, welcome.cgi, welcome.html, index.htm, index.asp, homepage.html, homepage.htm and homepage.cgi

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