Why aren’t my images showing up on my site?

Check your paths to your images. If the file that you are using the images exists in the same directory as your images, you won’t need to list the full path. Here is an example of the HTML that you would use if your images are in the same directory as the file that you are using them in:

<img src=”yourimage.gif”>

If your image is in another directory, like “images” you’ll need to reference the path, such as this:

<img src=”images/yourimage.gif”>

Also, remember that file names are case sensitive. For example, in your HTML document, you have a link to ContactInfo.htm but you named the file contactinfo.htm, it will not work. The same thing goes with graphics and all other web documents. What you have in your HTML must match up with what you name your files. And speaking of naming files, do not have spaces in your file names!  You can use upper and lower case if it makes it easier for you, or hyphens or underscores,  but just don’t leave an empty space.

One of the most common problems is that images aren't really even uploaded at all!� Take your cursor and�hover over an image that is not showing up.� In most browsers. you can right-click and then go to 'view properties' for an image.� That will tell you where your HTML code is currently looking for the image to be.� If you see something like file:c:mydocuments.... your code is trying to� find a picture that is on your hard drive.� The world will never see it there!� You will need to upload the picture to the directory where you want it to be, and make sure your HTML matches that location!

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