What is FTP?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a method used to transfer files between your computer and the webserver. FTP is usually performed via an FTP Client, which connects to the FTP server and allows you to either upload or download files to/from the server.

How to connect to FTP with a web browser?

There are a few ways to connect by FTP to a host. The easiest way is using Internet Explorer which has the best ftp support.

In order to connect by FTP with your browser, you should just use the following address:


However, if your FTP user to connect is similar to us[email protected] then you will have to URL encode it like this:


In the above case it is important to note what the FTP username is:


This address is URL-encoded and comes from [email protected] where @ has been substituted with %40, which is the ASCII code for @.

If you still have problems connecting by FTP, it is possible that your outgoing TCP port 21 is blocked by your local firewall or Internet service provider. If this is not the case, then your FTP server might be unreliable and you should transfer to a stable FTP service provider.

FTP times out

The TCP port usually used for FTP connection is port 21. Most often the reason for FTP time out is that your firewall or Internet service provider blocks this port or because your FTP client is NOT set to use Passive mode. First of all you should make sure that you use Passive mode with your FTP client. Then, if the problem persists, you should run a check of the connection between your computer and the port 21. If there is a problem with the connectivity you should try disabling your local firewall, or, if this does not help, you should contact your Internet Service Provider (This is the company that provides your internet connection.� This is not your web hosting company).

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