Forbidden Error Message

When I try to access my site ( or IP address) it says, "Forbidden, You don't have permission to access / on this server."

This is caused by not having a home page file inside of your� public_htm�directory. Once you upload your homepage file into this directory, the error message will go away and your new home page will load.


When you upload your index.html page, you will need to delete or overwrite our "under construction" page currently there. If you upload an index.htm page, you will not be able to see it automatically at your site unless you delete the index.html page.�Below is a list of "priorities" of pages. This means, for example, if you have an index.htm page as your home page, and there is also an index.html page, the index.html page will be what is "seen" when someone goes to your site.



default.html, default.htm, index.phtml, index.php, index.cgi, index.shtml, index.html, welcome.cgi, welcome.html, index.htm, index.asp, homepage.html, homepage.htm and homepage.cgi

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